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Dec 18, 2012 10:30pm PST
below the poverty line. tiraspol, its second largest city, is a haven for traffickers in arms, drugs and people. it is also katia's hometown. >> ( translated ): i pushed her to go to turkey so we could make some money. some people do manage to make money. it's probably my fault because i encouraged her to go. >> narrator: when katia left here a month earlier, her five- year-old son, roslan stayed behind with her mother. >> ( translated ): here i am with her five-year-old child, and i'm 60. i told him that she went to work. what else can i tell a child, that his mother was sold? imagine. he keeps crying all the time and asking why it's taking her so long to come back. what can i say to him? he's so little. "where's my mama? where's my mama?" what can i tell him? >> ( translated ): katia didn't suspect what kind of plans i had for her in turkey. how could she suspect? my plan was to keep her in the dark. katia ended up in a place were i didn't want her to be. >> narrator: though one of the smallest countries in eastern europe, moldova has become a leading exporter of women and girls in
Dec 18, 2012 12:00am PST
that we did a lot of what she was doing with her life, you know, we grew up in a family that was very political, not just in terms of being in electoral politics. my mom ran for city council when she was 23 years old before there were single member districts in san anton yom. but also i think going to different civic events. we grew a real civic conscience, i like to say, and an appreciation for how government can help people in their lives when it works right, when it's not heavy-handed, but when it works right. >> rose: the remarkable thing su both went to standford, to harvard law school. >> can't get rid of us. >> rose: is that right? but what is that? you are twins, clearly have the same profession, same educational background, same mother. how close are you? >> we're very close. >> and generally in my life i found that twins do one of two things. either they're very close and stay that way or they try as hard as they can to distinguish themselves from one another. and we're the former. we're just, we remain very, very close, as you said, went to college and law school together.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)